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| Analyzing design and checking  drawings related to

  1. Architecture

  2. Civil Engineering (foundation, structure)

  3. Plumbing (water supply sewerage and firefighting)

  4. Electrical engineering

  5. Mechanical engineering ( air-conditioning, elevator and escalator)

  6. Fire precautions and controls

  7. Landscaping

| Providing consultant guidelines to correct and improve design including aesthetics.

| Analyzing and checking

  1. bill of quantities

  2. cost estimation

  3. tender documents.

| Monitoring selection of contractor.
|Monitoring work of contractor during construction and providing advise accordingly
| To advise project cost
| Study government regulation related with Land development rules.
| Building construction law and advise technical committee.
| Organize pre-submission meetings with client and contractor.
| Full time Construction Supervision. Soil test investigation report.
| Digital survey.
| Feasibility report.

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Suit NE-4,House-16,Road-10, Gulshan-1, Dhaka